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Basic Design - a few pages, some graphics, nothing real fancy, just some info about the client for visitors would be between $500-$900. Some people like to start here and work there way to bigger and better.

Design & Minimal Interaction - This includes all of the things in a basic design with the addition of several pages of information and/or forms for people to fill out and submit to you. The information in forms are usually used for statistics, comments, suggestions, etc. Sites with this type of functionality run between $900-2,000.

Design & Database and/or Programming - These type of sites provide businesses with a database of information that is gathered from web site visitors. For example... on the web site. Portions of the home page are designed so the client can go into a form-type of web interface and fill in the blanks, grab pictures and easily update the site. The same holds true with their online shopping system.

We can also do e-commerce or online ordering for you (similar to the Of course there are several variables involved in a site like this, but sites such as these with programming applications can run between $2,000 - $5,000 for one feature, similar to the ones I have listed above.